wwhom has three goals:

(1) to establish an archive of homoeopathy which is freely accessible for everyone. The homoeopathic knowledge lies scattered in the books and journals of the last 200 years. It is to be collected here by and by.

(2) to create a forum where contemporary homoeopaths can communicate their knowledge and experiences.

(3) to inform the public of the potential of homoeopathy.

There are a lot of discussions and quarrels about homoeopathy. The same arguments reoccur all the time: “There is nothing within the homoeopathic remedies”, so they are “pure placebos”; homoeopathy is something “unscientific” or even an “esoteric system” or “quack medicine”.

In fact homoeopathy is a system of healing. The only standard to assess homoeopathy at its true worth is its practical application and experience.

Since the early 19th century homoeopaths all over the world have communicated their practical experiences. One only needs to read the reports of cures published in the first homoeopathic journal (the Archives for the homoeopathic Art of Healing), for example, to comprehend how absurd the ongoing discussions about the “inefficacy” of homoeopathy are in essence.

It is as if one has been arguing for 200 years that it is fundamentally impossible to play music with an organ, while organists show the contrary every day.