Thank you

This website would not have come into existence without the many wonderful people I had the privilege to encounter in my life, or whose work impressed me deeply.

I like to thank especially:

My children Leander and Anne, who made this website possible.

My teachers Alain Taubert and Sheilagh Creasy. Alain sparked my enthusiasm for homoeopathy, and Sheilagh opened my eyes for the deep potential and essence of homoeopathy.

The picture of the tree on the start page is a dedication to Mad Bear, one of the great healers and wise men of the north American natives. Mad Bear left us the following words:

“The teaching is in the trees.
It’s so beautiful symbolic.
It’s the only lesson humanity needs.
The trees.
Once people can pick up on the trees as their living relatives and feel for them,
Then they’ll understand the whole picture.”

From Mad Bear I have learned how important it is to say thank you.